I can’t believe it’s been a week since WOW12. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind – a former mentor passed away, I’ve been working flat out to get a short story finished, pitching left, right & centre and I’ve somehow found time to go out for dinner twice. Seriously, is there anything better than good food, good wine and even better conversation? But I’ve also managed to get a bit of blogging and column writing in there too, and you can find out what I’ve been up to at the very first…

Saturday Link Round-Up

For once, most of the stuff I’ve written this week has ended up here, but I can be found elsewhere as well:

Victorian Widows Fight Crime – my latest instalment of The Bodice Ripper, a fortnightly column on historical fiction I write for For Books’ Sake.

My Secret Style Bible – guest-blogging for the lovely Elizabeth over at Rosalilium whilst she’s moving house.

I also wrote a post about last week’s Body Politics panel for the staff intranet blog at The Day Job, talking about ageing and beauty and how they totally go hand-in-hand and screw anyone who says otherwise. Although I didn’t say ‘screw’, obviously.

Coming up next week, I have some reviews of this year’s Orange Longlist to write for The F Word – Emma Donoghue’s almost-perfect novel of adultery, early feminism and lesbian love The Sealed Letter, and Half Blood Blues, Esi Edugyan’s searing account of race, jazz and the early years of World War Two, and an article for For Books’ Sake on women and girls in Alan Garner‘s The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and The Moon of Gomrath. It turns out he’s currently working on Boneland, the conclusion of the trilogy he began in 1960. As a fantasy-obsessed Cheshire girl who spent her summers roaming about Alderley Edge armed with a stick in place of a sword hoping to fight the svart alfar, I am ridiculously excited and should probably save my squeeful ramblings for the article otherwise I’ll never get anything done today.

I also promised you some news – those of you who followed the official WOW12 festival blog will (hopefully) be happy to hear that the awesome digital media team at the Southbank Centre want to keep the blog running through the rest of the year, so expect more updates with a feminist slant on art, politics and current events there. I’d been cross-posting here as well during the festival, but from now on I’ll just link back to anything I’ve written in my weekly round-ups.

[note: I’ve also finally gotten around to updating my blogroll *points to sidebar*. If there’s anything you think I should be reading that I’m not, I’m always happy for new recs. It’s that or the washing up, and good blogs beat a sinkful of dirt dishes any day.]