In 2015, I joined the Telegraph‘s women’s section as their LGBT columnist, and made the Independent on Sunday‘s Rainbow List of 101 influential LGBT people.

Greysexual, aromantic and questioning: A guide to the brave new world of sexuality

A new study claims women are either bisexual or gay but ‘never straight’. Lesbian writer Kaite Welsh decodes the latest sexuality labels.

The ugly truth about who is ‘allowed’ to be bisexual in Britain

Society still favours those who are both hot and straight. But as more people identify as ‘sexually fluid’, do our power structures need to change?

Germaine Greer is a dinosaur – powerless against a new feminist movement

Outspoken women, who can command a public platform, are so rare that we feel like we must protect them even if we’re cringing with embarrassment. Thanks to her appalling transphobia, Germaine Greer just lost that privilege.

‘Coming out’ as gay can’t be done in a day – it takes a lifetime

Earlier this week it was National Coming Out Day – a time for all LGBT people to disclose their sexual orientation en masse. But Kaite Welsh explains why it’s never that simple.

Jilly Cooper listen up: Here’s what lesbians really want from sex scenes

As best-selling author Jilly Cooper considers writing her first lesbian sex scene, Kaite Welsh offers her advice on what gay women really want.

If Vladimir Putin met Elton John…

Sketch: As Sir Elton John expresses his desire to talk to Vladimir Putin about gay rights, Kaite Welsh imagines how the unlikely meeting would play out.

Too many doctors don’t ‘get’ lesbians – I should know

The foolish questions and casual remarks from doctors to gay people in this country highlights a yawning gap that needs closing.

Gender-neutral passports could be the breakthrough trans people in Britain have been waiting for

Trans activists have been explaining for years that gender and genitalia aren’t linked. Now it turns out that there isn’t a link between gender and bureaucracy either.

Zoolander 2: Cumberbatch’s role reduces trans people to what’s in their pants

The original film was funny because, like all the best camp classics, it subverted expectations. But there’s nothing groundbreaking about falling into offensive cliché.

Meet the amazing LGBT women who defined 2015

From Mhairi Black to Carrie Brownstein – some of the LGBT women who made progress in 2015.

I love dressing as a butch lesbian – so why is it still dangerous?

Dress like this long enough, and you learn to spot the signs, the flicker of annoyance from men in t-shirts and jeans that I’m out-dressing them, wearing their clothes and doing it better.

Why 2015 was the year trans finally went mainstream 

2015 shouldn’t be remembered as the year that trans people caught up in the race for media attention – it was the year the media caught up to the work that trans people have been doing for decades.

Britain’s teachers need stop giggling and tackle same sex relationships

The news that schools are failing LGBT students when it comes to sex education may come as a surprise, given the fanfare every time a new diversity recommendation hits the headlines. But if for many young LGBT people, inadequate, wrong and even offensive information is the norm.