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Woman’s Hour

Is Ed Miliband butch? – After David Cameron attacked the Leader of the Opposition for not being butch enough to be Prime Minister, Tom Chivers from The Telegraph & I discussed what ‘butch’ really means, and if it’s a quality we really want in a leader. AKA ‘that time I met Emma Thompson in the green room and discussed feminism with her’, AKA ‘the best day of my life ever’.

Coming out – With a survey stating that lesbian & gay people are coming out at a younger age, I joined Ruth Hunt from Stonewall to discuss why, and tell my own coming out story (in an A Level Christian Theology lesson at a convent school. I’m just that hardcore).

Is ‘dyke’ still an offensive term? – Following AA Gill calling Clare ‘National Treasure’ Balding a ‘dyke on a bike’ in a Sunday Times television review, Julie Bindel and I discussed if ‘dyke’ is still a pejorative word.

Are we ‘ladies’ or ‘women’? – Whilst I’m happy to call myself a dyke, I’m not too sure about ‘lady’. I went head to head with then-editor of The Lady, Rachel Johnson, to debate. [Note: I was losing my voice during the recording so I sound an octave deeper and several social classes higher than I actually am. Yes, I’m aware of the irony when discussing class on Radio 4.]

BBC Radio 5 Live

During the Labour leadership campaign, I discussed Diane Abbott‘s campaign, accusations of tokenism and why we shouldn’t discount her.

For Books’ Sake podcast

Episode 1: Love and sex in literature

Episode 2: Fantasy festivals, mothers and more